CUBE Newsletter

The CUHK Bioethics (CUBE) Newsletter

CUBE is a medical student-teacher collaborative newsletter founded in June 2019, aiming to facilitate a continual and inclusive discourse on topics in clinical medicine, public health, and emerging technologies. Our objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness for ethical issues in Bioethics among medical students
  • Encourage and promote critical thinking and self-reflection on one’s values
  • Support medical education at CUHK

The first edition published in July 2020! The CUBE editorial team is now calling for the second submission!

We welcome all written works pertaining to biomedical ethics – it can be an opinion, memoirs, short discussion, reflective experience, history analysis, poem, or even a literature review.

New this year!


  1. An intellectual exchange medium. Submission will go through a peer-review process, which allows constructive communication between the editor and writer.
  2. Awards and Prizes. The CUHK Centre of Bioethics is committed to supporting bioethics learning. The best four articles will receive book coupons sponsored by the Centre.
  • HK$500 book coupons (2 prizes)
  • HK$200 book coupons (2 prizes)

Give yourself a chance for your work to be shared in the second edition of CUBE Magazine!


What are we looking for?

  • Length: 700-1500 words
  • Don’t limit yourself! You can choose a topic of your interest. The list shown here is by no means exhaustive
    • Emerging Technologies:
      • Artificial intelligence, Big data computation, Direct-to-consumer genetic testing
    • Clinical Experience
      • End-of-life care, Paediatric healthcare, Truth-telling and withholding information, Communications dilemma, Accepting a gift from patients
    • Public Health or Global Health
      • Health inequity, Infectious disease, Migrant workers, Refugee displacement, Organ trafficking, Health system
    • Research
      • Informed Consent, Rare diseases, Vaccination, Clinical Equipoise
    • Environment
      • Depletion of natural resources, Global climate change


How to submit?

  • Email submission to
  • Submission deadline 15 December 2020
  • Include your Name, Student ID, and MBChB programme year in the email. 

Where can you get the hard copies of the first edition CUHK Newsletter?

  • Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Office, G07 BMSB
  • Student Common Area, 3/F BMSB
  • Office of Medical Education, Prince of Wales Hospital


Should you have any queries regarding the submission, please contact the editorial team at