Our Centre staff were thrilled to have represented the CUHK Centre for Bioethics at the 17th World Congress of Bioethics (WCB) in Doha, Qatar from 3-6 June 2024. The theme of the Congress was “Religion, Culture, and Global Bioethics”. 


On 4 June 2024, our Centre Co-Director, Prof. Roger Chung, along with our Post-doctoral Fellow, Dr. Weian Zhong, and Assistant Lecturer, Dr. Chelsea Sun, delivered their insightful presentations on various important topics at WCB. Prof. Roger Chung presented on “Attitudes Towards End-of-Life Interventions in Asia: A Scoping Review”, Dr. Weian Zhong discussed “Conscientious Objection as Recognition of Pluralism in Medicine”, and Dr. Chelsea Sun virtually presented on “Redefining Bioethics Education: Bridging Cultural Contexts and Enhancing Empathic Capability and Moral Awareness”.


On 5 June 2024, our Centre Co-Director, Dr. Ann Lau, presented on the topic of “Ethical Issues in Prenatal Diagnosis: Some Illustrative Cases in Hong Kong” at the WCB. This research was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Wong of Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital and Dr. Robert Yuen of the Bioethics Resource Centre at Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy. 


We were grateful for the opportunity to engage with the international bioethics community at the WCB 2024!