Academic Articles

Long Working Hours, Precarious Employment and Anxiety Symptoms Among Working Chinese Population in Hong Kong.
Housing, Sanitation and Living Conditions Affecting SARS-CoV-2 Prevention Interventions in 54 African Countries.
The Age of Academic Integrity in COVID-19: New Normal Changes to the Health Professional Education.
Differential Impacts of Multimorbidity on COVID-19 Severity across the Socioeconomic Ladder in Hong Kong: A Syndemic Perspective.
The Vulnerability of Migrant Workers in Global COVID-19 Pandemic: Highlights from Malaysia and Hong Kong.
‘Pandemia’: a reckoning of UK universities’ corporate response to COVID-19 and its academic fallout.
A Simulation Design of Immersive Virtual Reality for Animal Handling Training to Junior Biomedical Sciences Undergraduates.
First- and second-hand alcohol-related harms among urban Chinese: A population-based study from Hong Kong.
Differential educational patterning of cardiometabolic risks between women and men among community-dwelling Chinese adults in Hong Kong: the mediating role of obesity.
Quality of life and its contributors among adults with late-onset Pompe disease in China.
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