Academic Articles

“Association Between Training Experience and Readiness for Advance Care Planning among Healthcare Professionals: A Cross-sectional Study”.
Parents’ experiences of screening, diagnosis, and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder.
What Does It Mean for a Case to be ‘Local’?: the Importance of Local Relevance and Resonance for Bioethics Education in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Accelerated progression of waist-to-hip ratio but not body mass index associated with lower socioeconomic position: a cohort study of nonobese early postmenopausal Chinese women.
Socioeconomic gradient in health and the covid-19 outbreak.
Commentary dated 25 March 2020 on Sridhar Venkatapuram, “COVID-19 and the Global Ethics Freefall,”
Physical and mental health of live-in female migrant domestic workers: A randomly sampled survey in Hong Kong.
Data collection for migrant live-in domestic workers: A three-stage cluster sampling method
Anti-Chinese sentiment during the 2019-nCoV outbreak. 
Housing affordability effects on physical and mental health: household survey in a population with the world's greatest housing affordability stress.
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