Inaugurated in January 2015, the CUHK Centre for Bioethics will play a key role in developing a future generation of health practitioners and biomedical scientists with a sophisticated, case-based grasp of medical ethics. The Centre’s first priority will be to work with the Medical Faculty and its schools of public health, pharmacy, and nursing, to create first-rate pedagogical and learning tools for bioethics in medical education. But just as the field of bioethics is intrinsically interdisciplinary, the CUHK Centre for Bioethics will serve as a hub within the university for students, scholars, and researchers who are working with bioethics from a variety of disciplines, from anthropology to psychology and media studies. As it builds its own capacity, the new Centre will also seek ways to advance the field through its own research and international collaboration. Finally, among the Centre’s core aims is to develop a greater awareness of biomedical ethics within the Hong Kong community, not only among medical, clinical, and social workers, but also among policy makers, business people and professionals, young people, families, and religious counselors – indeed all the varied sectors affected by the changing dimensions of medical and health practice in the 21st century.